Tour cancellation policy

We recommend all travelers to buy travel cancellation insurance in case of emercency (family, injury, sickness).  offers cancellation insurance for aprox. $60 (covers one minor and one adult)

Dutch Soccer School cancellation policy:

5. Substitution – Cancellation
5.1 In the case that a Traveler is unable to participate in the Tour, the Client has a choice of:
A. identifying a substitute participant who is willing, able and committed to participate in
the Tour; or:
B. canceling the Tour with respect to such Traveler;
5.2 Substitution of the Traveler, as mentioned in article 5.1, is only possible under the following
A. the substitute participant is eligible to participate in the Tour if he/she agrees to all the
conditions of the Tour; and has all the required travel documents;
B. the substitute participant identified by DSS as having sufficient soccer ability;
C. the substitution is requested not later than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled
commencement date of the Tour, leaving sufficient time to allow DSS to make proper
arrangements for travel;
D. if an airplane ticket has been booked, the airline company accepts the substitution with or
without additional fee charges; any additional fees shall be paid by the Client;
E. all non-refundable fees, costs or expenses are borne by the Client; and
F. the substitution does not hinder the plans for proper implementation of the Tour.
5.3 In the case of a cancellation described in article 5.1. Sub B, any cancellations received more than 120 days
prior to departure date will be refunded in full less 10% of tours cost.  Thereafter, the following
cancellation fees shall apply:
A. 119 to 90 days prior to departure = 25% of Tour cost
B. 89 to 60 days prior to departure = 50% of Tour cost
C. 59 to 30 days prior to departure = 75% of Tour cost
D. 29 days prior to departure forfeits full Tour price (this includes no shows).
5.4 If the Tour is cancelled by DSS, a full refund of all deposits and/or payments will be given to Client