What should my child bring to day camp?

We ask campers to wear the Dutch Soccer School NIKE uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) each day of camp.

Soccer cleats (or turf shoes) and shin-guards are required for camp participation. Shin guards must be inside of, and fully covered by soccer socks.

Campers also need to bring:
1. Sunblock, without sunblock the chance of getting a sun burn is high;
2. A game or a book for our one hour lunch break;
3. Lunch: Healthy!! (No fast food!)
4. Plenty of cold water! We will have cold water available but we recommend to
bring at least half a gallon with you to camp.
5. A pumped up proper size soccer ball. Please try to bring a non-sticky ball
because they can make you trip. Bringing a slick ball is very important!